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I am available for commissions. I work chiefly for print (traditional flat or digital artwork) but everything is negotiable: please feel free to enquire. I don't do portraits, but if you need a badger with a machine-gun, then I'm your man. Please don't steal my bandwith allocation by displaying images on your website or chat page via a direct link, though (several people are currently doing that, but they are mostly very young and don't know any better). Ask first.

badger with machine gun Malcolm Douglas
101 Hoole Street
South Yorkshire
S6 2WQ

telephone   +44 (0)114 2014139


I don't just draw pictures, of course. I also do general design and DTP work, and run extensive websites for The South Riding Folk Network and Yorkshire Folk Arts: the former I took over from the original webmaster, the latter I built from scratch. I built this site, come to that (lovingly hand-coded to html 4.01 transitional specs, no less) and I've recently put together a new site for the Folk Music Journal. If you want a clean and simple website that will display consistently across a wide range of browsers, you might do worse than to talk to me about it.
The English Folk Dance and Song Society recently published my revision of the classic Penguin Book of English Folk Songs, re-titled Classic English Folk Songs. I didn't get to design the cover, but they let me choose a couple of the photos.

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