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kallin title: night falls on jericho

Night Falls on Jericho was planned as an online science-fantasy serial in comic form. It was to be a collaboration: I came up with the scenario and the character visuals, while Kim Blake, who was working as a computer game developer for Gremlin at the time, was to take the story forward. Of the three main characters, I was pretty clear about Colquhoun and Dieter (and went into some detail on the sociology of werewolf communities -they are strongly matriarchal, incidentally- and the transformation process, including the very important question of what happens to a werewolf's trousers), but was at a loss when it came to our female lead, though I knew what she looked like and what she was capable of. It was Kim who discovered that her name was Kallin, and told me about her background. Webmaster Paul Martin was to handle the technical stuff.
We had some vastly enjoyable script conferences in various pubs and, in between all those inconvenient things that one has to do in order to pay the rent, made great plans. I even produced three pages of highly detailed artwork (early versions of which may still be lurking about somewhere out there in the digital ether) before harsh reality, in the shape of work – less interesting but involving real negotiable currency – intervened.
Kim was given a game project that took up all her time, and I became the official chronicler for Manchester United of the adventures of Fred the Red. Jericho had to wait. It's still waiting, too; though the world has moved on – the internet in particular – and the scenario would no longer seem so original as it did in the 1990s.
For the record, I include some out-takes here; originally drawn and coloured on paper (good old CS10: you can't get it any more, though I've kept a small stock in store for emergencies). I've modified them a little using digital techniques learnt subsequently. The logo on the title page was one of my very first attempts at digital work. I used a 30-day trial version of something or other, which expired before I could work out how I'd done it.

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