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title: midwinter


title: odin

Father Christmas as All-Father Odin, with his characteristic eye-patch and broad-brimmed hat. The eight-legged reindeer and the ravens are not far away, but wouldn't stay still long enough to be drawn. They are having their lunch just out of frame.
odin: link to larger image
title: the ninja santa

Beware the Man in Black if he should come down your chimney one year... it will mean that you have been a very bad person indeed. Make very sure that the mince pies and sherry that you have left out just in case are top notch, but don't try to drug them: the Ninja Santa will know.
the ninja santa: link to larger image
title: unicorn

It's not all Sinister Santas. Here, for a change, we have another kind of mythological beast; though unicorns are uneasy things at best, and far from cute. This was my first entirely digitally-coloured effort, using mainly the airbrush tool. The moon is a composite image.
unicorn: link to larger image
title: the juggler

The Green Man, who can be seen in old churches as a "foliate head" has, during the 20th century, become confused both with the mediæval Wild Man and with the Jack-in-the-Green, who properly belongs to May Day. Here he is in an anachronistic midwinter form, juggling flaming Christmas puddings. This one was hand-coloured.
the juggler: link to larger image