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Talk to pretty well anyone who worked on OINK!, and they'll have fond memories of it. The comic was rough at times, and always unpredictable, but we had an unusually free rein to experiment; and I, for one, learned a great deal. I was invited to contribute to the dummy edition, and drew the first Street-Hogs episode to a script by Mark Rodgers. It was some months before we got a decision from IPC/Fleetway, but when the green light came it was a pretty frantic job to get everything done in time; I'd been working as a barman to cover a slack period, and had to retire immediately from the licensed trade. I don't think I'd ever worked so hard; I did 50 hours straight on the final episode of that first Street-Hogs series, and was more or less hallucinating by the time it was finished.

It's quite impossible for me to pick favourites from the work I did on that comic, but for now I'll just put up a few of the "pin-ups". In time, I'll aim to add a more extensive archive of scans from the original artwork. I have most of it, but not all; the last Ham Dare story is missing, for instance, and some bounder at Fleetway pinched the Draculard poster, which was one of the two best that I did for the comic. My other favourite was the very first, Hambo, which I gave to good friends as a wedding present. Last I heard, their teenage son had bagged it for his wall. Makes me feel a bit old (he wasn't born when I drew it), but rather pleased that it still appeals.

There are two websites devoted to OINK!, both of which have collections of artwork scanned from old copies of the comic.