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"A team of pigilantes (vigilante pigs) dedicated to bringing justice to the seamy streets of the future city of New Pork..." What more could a young comic artist hope for? Working on these chaps was a joy, and Mark Rodgers' scripts were always full of invention and wit. After the first series we decided to make the humour a bit darker; I re-designed the Hogs' costumes to give them a harder edge, and from then on they appeared in intense colours, always on a black background.

This poster appeared in Oink! number 31 (June-July 1987) on the centre pages (top half) and inside cover (lower half) as a prelude to the Hogs' second adventure, The Day of the Triffics (which did indeed feature giant man-eating plants). Each page below is a link to a larger image; these may take some time to load.

Streethogs poster 1
Streethogs poster 2